Frequently Asked Questions

You can find our cost for membership at the header menu where it says Membership or in more detail on the homepage under the header photo which says Membership Fees.

Yes, MarryMuslim will give you a 30-day trial period. After your trial period you must then subscribe to our membership program.

Yes, MarryMuslim will give you a 30-day trial period. After your trial period you must then subscribe to our membership program.

Yes, when registering without a Wali you must click on Register (Top right of Menu) and where it says On Behalf, you must choose Self.

You must also check the box promising you will use MarryMuslim in adherence to Islamic ruling while searching for a spouse.

After clicking on Register, you must then click on, On Behalf then choose Wali.

Wali is capable of creating up to 5 profiles for 5 children.

No, Wali can ONLY create one profile per child.

Wali can monitor all messages and activity on Marry Muslim.

Yes, profiles created by Wali will be charged per profile or you can choose a subscription that fits your needs.

Wali has the ability to delete, pause, reactivate and view all activity of their child/children.

No, every child will have their own username and password in order to have privacy from their sibling or siblings.

Yes, you must have a Facebook or Instagram to sign in with social media.

Click on Registration, then at the bottom of the form there are Facebook and Instagram buttons where you can choose which account you would like to register with.

On your Profile page on the left information bar (under profile picture) you can see your subscription expiration date, current subscription, and days left.

On your profile page on the left-hand side under your Package Information, you will see a button which says Photos, which you must click on and from there you will be able to upload pictures from your devices.

Add 7 pictures per profile including profile picture.

On our Contact Us page you can send us an email or give us a call and we will happy to share your story.

When Marry Muslim works for you please post your Marry Muslim story and get a free gift from us.

On your profile page on the left-hand side there is a button which says Payment Information, all your payment methods and info will be shown when clicking there.

On your profile page, (left hand side) there is a button which says Picture Privacy, there you can select whether you would like to make your picture public or private.

Fill out all your information for users to know more about you and so you can find what you are looking for.

Having a picture will also bring more attention to your profile.

When someone send you an interest there will be a notification at the top right of the page next to your profile pic with a Bell Icon, which is where you will see who sent you interest.

On your profile page (Top Left) there will be a button which says My Interests, there you will have a list of all users you have sent an interest to.

To block a user, you must go to their profile and click on Report Profile. Then admin will look into the issue and block them for you if need be.

To report a user, you must go to their profile and click on Report Profile on the left-hand side of their profile.

Note: MarryMuslim will then contact you and discuss your reason for reporting and it will be handled accordingly.

First you must be registered then you will have access to Spouse Search

In the header bar which is found on every page on the top of the screen there is button that says Spouse Search, after clicking on it you will be able to search for a spouse.

If a user is interested in another user they must then swipe right or click on the green thumps up button which will then send an interest to that user and also add that user to your My Interest list.

If a user would like to pass or ignore a profile then they must swipe left or click on the red thumbs down button which will then send that profile into your Ignore List.

Note: If you passed on someone you interested in you can find them in your Ignore List.

On the Spouse Search page on the left-hand side you will see a form which says Advanced Search, there you can insert your preferences or needs on what you want in a spouse to find the best results for you.

Yes, all chatrooms are accessible without a membership.

Note: You MUST be registered in order to access chatrooms.

Yes, all users are capable of commenting on articles.

Note: You MUST be registered in order to comment.

You can contact us via our Contact Us page or by telephone which is located at the bottom right of every page.

Note: On our contact us page you can ask us anything about MarryMuslim, such as features, functions, advice, questions, concerns or on how to make improvements to benefit users.

No, when a user registers with FB or Insta they will not need to wait for Admin approval as they will be verified by FB or Insta.

Wait times for account approval will be within 24 hrs.

Please check your Spam or Junk email folders as some email services may mistake our emails as such.

If it takes any longer please contact us at