Marriage & Islam

Writer: Asma Safdar


The coming together of a man and woman in the sacred relationship of marriage is one of the most unique and amazing events of the world. Of course, Allah has created all things in this universe in pairs, but the most beautiful thing between a man and a woman is the compatibility that exists between them that cannot be found in any other created thing. In Islam, marriage is not simply a social institution, but it is about Halal love that contributes as a base of every possible sacred relationship that exists. Nature demands that men and women lead their life together. According to Islamic law, the ideal way of leading such a life is within the bounds of marriage.

Islam considers marriage as an institution, a cohesive force in society and worth preserving and protecting for that reason. But many things have been changed about marriage and family in this era for Muslims who live in non-Muslim countries. From unmarried couples to single parent and other unfortunate circumstances. Muslims have surrounded so many unnatural ground realities that are prohibited in Islam. Muslim women are facing challenges in finding their perfect spouses who can meet their emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.

Muslimas, who live in western countries are in the minority and they are met with double standards there, on almost everything. From their appearance to financial securities, and religiosity there is a long list of obstacles they have to deal with. Living in society outside the circle of deen is surely not everyone’s piece of cake. Finding a perfect spouse is really problematic for Muslim women in so many ways.

Islamic restrictions:

Islam has a strict stance about preventing the free mixing of men and women in gatherings like parties and entertainment and consider it Haram because of being the cause of promiscuity that leads to permissiveness.

Family influences:

Muslim parents mostly overlook qualified suitors and personal compatibility. They mainly focus on cultural compatibility. In Muslim communities, women are scrutinized and it is assumed that if a woman is not married young, there is something wrong with her. People may think she is outdated or she is sinning.

When it comes to Muslim men, being from a ‘’good practicing family’’ or ‘’offering Salah five times a day’’ are enough qualities to get married. But for women, here also a long list to follow. Hijab, abaya, ridiculed for not looking "hot" and at the same time not practicing Islam properly.

In addition to these, many other cultural and religious restrictions bound Muslim women to get married and live happily. In western countries getting married and staying married are usually big personal dilemmas facing Muslims. Young Muslims are upwardly mobile and have high expectations and ideal for prospective partners.

This rapid commercialization of the Muslim matrimonial scene has notably shifted from parental introductions to individualized online matrimonial websites for Muslims. In Canada alone, there are many matrimonial sites available and claiming to help Muslim brothers and sisters in finding their soul mates. But do you think all of them are really helpful or something is going wrong?

Here, in Canada young Muslim men and women are using platforms like Tinder, Zoosk, and elite singles to search their life partner and others get inspired by sites who claim to be matrimonial platforms for Muslims only such as muzmatch,,, and

In actuality, these platforms are mostly owned by non-Muslims who don’t understand the religious, cultural, and, social restrictions for Muslims. On these sites, there is no surety of Halal, trusted, and comfortable matrimonial experience. These websites generally give quantity, not quality and encourage online dating. Most of these matrimonial sites for Muslims are branches of global dating conglomerates. Possibility of being scammed by non-Muslim users is also high there and once when a person starts getting involved, these scammers may demand money to meet you or something of the sort.

In this mess of scammers and unreliable dating platforms, Muslims with true intentions to get married are confused and puzzled. Is there any reliable source of finding a perfect life partner forever, till Jannah?

In this hustle-bustle of being the top-ranked matrimonial site or number one ranking matrimonial site for Muslims ‘’’’ is contributing their share of being a responsible matchmaking site. Islam is our identity….

We are Muslims and understand the concerns of Halal and Haram better than others. We believe in the sacredness of marital relationships and discourage being a dating site. Marriage is ‘’Half our Deen’’ and is struggling to provide the best match for you to secure it. is a place for single Muslims who hold traditional Islamic values. We help them build strong relationships, value trust and have shared principles. You can discover a wide range of marriage options without feeling pressured to communicate with unsuitable matches. is designed in a way to allow Muslim men and women to search for their ideal life partner in a safe and trusted environment while following their religious principles. Your details at are secured and strictly never passed on to any other third party. Only the registered users are allowed to get access to your profile that provides you peace of mind and satisfaction that only genuine Muslims can see your data that you feel comfortable to display. is a beautiful platform with features like:

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The best love is when you meet someone who makes your Iman rise, makes you more pious, and helps you in this world, because that person wants to meet you again in Jannah.

May Allah help us all in this journey and make us successful in Deen and Dunya Inn sha Allah.